5 Tips for Selecting the Right Design-Build Team

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Who you choose to oversee your building process will have a huge impact on the quality and the overall timeline. Partnering with a design and build team can set the stage for successful outcomes, help you avoid budgetary overruns, and minimize the risk of missed deadlines.

You should take the following steps before selecting a building construction design contractor for your project:

1. Consider How Much Experience They Possess

Make sure that the design-build team you partner with has the know-how to manage the size and scope of the project. You want to minimize risk and unknowns during a large build. An experienced team with a proven track record of success can help you do just that while delivering a structure that exceeds expectations.

2. Ask About Their Collaborative Process

The design-build team workflow brings all of the important construction responsibilities under one roof, which reduces confusion and promotes better efficiency. However, just because an entity manages everything in-house does not mean their collaborative capabilities are up to par.

Evaluate the company’s ability to work effectively with architects, engineers, subcontractors, and other project stakeholders. Ask pointed questions about their workflows before giving them the reins to your endeavor. A skilled contractor will be able to answer these questions with confidence and showcase their collaborative capabilities.

3. Review Their Track Record

A staggering 75% of construction projects miss deadlines. If you want to make sure yours isn’t one of them, review the contractor’s past work. While some delays are unavoidable, it’s important to know what the company does to mitigate risks and meet deadlines.

4. Be Sure They Can Help With Sustainability

Green construction techniques are at the forefront of planning processes. Investors and stakeholders across many industries are also prioritizing Earth-friendly practices before allocating funds. If you want to keep everyone happy while also reducing the structure’s environmental footprint, ensure you find a team that integrates sustainable techniques into their strategies.

There are no one-size-fits-all approaches when it comes to going green, as any elements must be tailored to align with the spirit and scope of your project. However, you should ensure the team knows how to use sustainable materials, optimize for energy efficiency, and promote water conservation.

5. Dig Into Their Communication Policies

Successful collaboration relies on strong relationships and effective information sharing between all project stakeholders. Before picking your contractor, consider factors like how frequently they provide updates if they assign a designated point of contact, and other variables that will directly impact your ability to communicate with them.

Most importantly, be clear about your expectations and preferences from day one. If the contractor knows what you need from them, they can accommodate your requests.

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