Wow, it is crazy to think that we are already into the month of October. 2020 will be over soon, thank goodness! Please check out our progress from this week below. 

Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic is coming along nicely! Hammers Construction has done all of the preliminary landscape work and we are ready to move forward. Drywall is ongoing inside and exterior work is moving along nicely as well. The parking lot has been stripped. Exterior stonework is being done and the final coat of paint has been applied. 

Construction has started at Bettner Vision! Demolition has been completed for the first phase of the project and framing has started. Looking forward to the furthering of this project. 

Ascent Cycle is looking great! The building catwalk is done. Our great welding team did a fantastic job of creating that element for the building. The exterior facade is getting close to being finished and work inside is ongoing. 

The building at Kokopelli Cafe in Manitou Springs has been set. Framing and securing the building is in progress.

During crazy times in this world, we must never forget 9/11 as Americans. Never Forget.

We have had all seasons this week in Colorado and are thankful for the moisture. Please check out our progress from this week on several of our jobsites. We also wanted to congratulate Falcon Kennel for receiving their CO on their new build in Falcon, Colorado. Things are not slowing down here at Hammers despite the weather! 

Kokopelli Cafe is underway in Manitou. We are making progress pouring footers and retaining walls. 


RS Storage is at its final stages. The fence is up and all that is left are inspections! 

Ascent Cycle is coming along! Have you driven bye? We will be starting asphalt and landscaping soon! 






It is a very smokey day here in Colorado Springs. Pray for all of those affected by the current Colorado fires! Several of our mountain passes are closed and there are currently three fires burning in the state. Here at Hammers, we can normally see the mountains from our front office and that is not the case today. 

Please enjoy some photos from some of our progress made this week. First off we have some photos from our Mattress Firm job here in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

Next up is Skyway Plaza here in the springs as well. We are updating the facade of this building and think it is starting to look pretty good! 

There were some big booms at the Cliff Dwellings job down in Manitou this week. Check out this cool video!!

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Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic is coming along nicely. All of the rough mechanical is going in and things are moving forward. 

Ascent Cycle is coming along! Storefront windows have been installed this week and everything is starting inside. 

Phase One of PPHD is COMPLETE!

SHOCO Oil in Commerce City, Denver is underway. 

RS Storage is almost done! Asphalt has been poured this week and the fence is going up.


Happy August! We hope you have had a great first week! We have made lots of progress here at Hammers and received two COs for Falcon Kennel and Cheyenne Mountain Zoo this week as well. CONGRATS to our amazing clients!!! 

Pikes Peak Harley Davidson will be closing out on the first phase of work next week! Check out some photos below: 

SHOCO Oil in Commerce City, Denver, is coming along nicely. Windows have been cut and trimmed out. Electrical is done and everything is moving along nicely. 

The Manitou Cliff Dwellings project has started with excavation and blasting. 

Skyway Plaza in Colorado Springs is coming along nicely. The brown coat of stucco is finished and we are ready to move forward. 







Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. Our crews have made lots of progress on our projects in the last week or two. Check it out below!

Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic – Ground-Up General Construction in Colorado Springs, Colorado 

Pikes Peak Harley Davidson – Interior and Exterior Remodel in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Mattress Firm – Interior Remodel in Colorado Springs, Colorado 

Ascent Cycling – Land Development project in Colorado Springs, Colorado 


HAPPY JULY!! June flew bye hopefully July doesn’t bring us another roll in Jumanji! Who is ready for the world to settle down a little bit? We are! 

We hope you have a great holiday weekend Hammers will be closed tomorrow June 3rd in honor of Independence Day! We hope you have a great weekend with family and friends.

Check out some of our progress below: 

This week’s progress reports include land development projects, design-build metal construction, tenant remodels, and more. We are featuring Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic, Pikes Peak Harley Davidson, Extra Space Storage, Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic, Skyway Plaza, Falcon Kennel, Falcon Fire, National Mill Dog Rescue, and Ascent Cycling. These projects are all located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, or Falcon, Colorado. Hammers Construction proudly serves Colorado Springs, Denver, and the surrounding areas. 

Pikes Peak Harley Davidson – Remodel Construction in Central Colorado. 

Cheyanne Mountain Zoo – Veterinary Clinic Remodel and Addition in Colorado Springs, Colorado 

National Mill Dog Rescue – Dog Kennel Remodel and Addition in Falcon, Colorado

Falcon Kennel – Design-Build Metal Construction in Falcon, Colorado

Ascent Cycling – Land Development Project including Design and Build Construction for Ascent Cycle in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic – New Veterinary Clinic building

in Falcon, Colorado


June is flying by! Today is a little chillier than the weather we have been having. How is your summer going so far? ‘

Here is some of the progress we have made in the last few weeks here at Hammers Construction. May 29th-June19th. 

Ascent Cycling – Ground Up Land Development Construction Project in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

RS Storage – Metal Building Construction in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Falcon Kennel – Design Build Metal Building Construction

Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic – Commercial General Construction in Colorado Springs, Colorado 


National Mill Dog Rescue – Commercial Addition in Falcon, Colorado

Pikes Peak Harley Davidson – Commercial Redesign and Addition in Colorado Springs, Colorado 


Can you believe the month of May is almost over?! We made lots of progress this month despite the challenges in this crazy world! #COVID….

Including the construction progress, we also have gotten ready to start construction on Ponderosa Vet, received a TCO on Father and Sons Distillery, and more!

Falcon Kennel: Ground – Up Metal Construction in Falcon, Colorado

Ascent Cycle: Land Development Project in Colorado Springs, Colorado


Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic: Design-Build Construction in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo: Building Addition in Colorado Springs, Colorado



Hey yall! It is almost the weekend.. and this one is a long one. Take this holiday weekend to remember those who have fallen for Memorial Day. In the meantime … check out our progress! 


Pikes Peak Harley Davidson-Tenant Improvement and Addition Project in Colorado Springs, Colorado 

Falcon Kennel – Ground-Up Metal Building Construction in Falcon, Colorado 

RS Storage – Storage Facility Build in Colorado Springs, Colorado