Commercial General Contractors: How to Find the Right Option in Denver

commercial general contractors

Reports show that in 2022, US construction was worth $2.1 trillion. This is an industry that employs over 7 million employees, as data recorded in 2020 indicates.

If your business needs commercial general contractors, you may be wondering what to look for. This is a big decision, and you want to choose the right contractor.

The good thing is that there are several things you can look for when choosing general contractors. There are certain things that commercial contractors should have to qualify for your job.

Keep reading to find out more about how to choose the right commercial general contractors.

1. Check Their Past Work

A very important step in choosing a commercial general contractor is looking at their work. It should be easy to find their portfolio to see what they have done.

These work portfolios are usually available online on the company’s website. This makes it accessible so that you can look it over before ever reaching out.

You want to choose general contractors who have experience in your area. For instance, if you need a building constructed for your business, you want them to have past projects that are similar.

It is not necessary for commercial contractors to have specialized expertise. They are able to do most kinds of commercial work for businesses and companies.

But it is ideal to choose a contractor with experience in your area. Their portfolio should reflect the style and look that you are going for with your project.

This is also something you can ask them about during the interviewing process. There is always a chance that some projects may not be a part of their portfolio.

You can also ask them about their experience working on similar projects. Hearing about their experience can be more useful than looking at a portfolio alone.

2. Look Into Their Services

Before choosing a commercial contractor in Colorado, you want to look into other services they offer. Most commercial general contractors are going to offer additional types of services to you.

They may not offer the same services, or they may be a bit different. This is something you want to look into before moving ahead with the project.

The best commercial contractors do more than only build structures. They may also do commercial landscape maintenance or stormwater management.

There are all kinds of services you can expect a commercial contractor to offer. To get a broader idea of the services available, you should look at their website.

Their website should have a list of their services that is clearly defined. You will want to choose contractors that offer all of the services that you are going to require.

This is going to make your project much easier and faster to complete. It also limits the number of companies you have to hire for the completion of your project.

It is also a good idea to ask any questions you have regarding their services. You want to be completely clear on what they offer and are capable of doing for you.

3. Look at the Safety Record

A large part of what commercial general contractors do is construction. Commercial construction is a very high-risk industry when compared to other industries.

Because of this, you will want to look into the contractor’s safety record. This is a record where instances will be recorded regarding how that contractor works.

High-quality contractors are going to have impeccable safety records that they are proud of. They should happily hand these over to you so that you can see how they work.

A good safety record is going to reflect a contractor that has an eye for detail. A contractor that pays attention to safety will keep their employees safe and project free of scrutiny.

This is something that many people may overlook when they go to hire general contractors. But it is very important to check the safety record just for peace of mind.

You do not want to hire a commercial general contractor that has a list of safety concerns. This could show that they have a lack of attention or respect for safety.

4. Communication Needs

If you are going to hire a contractor, you want to choose someone who is good at communicating. Most projects that need these kinds of contractors are going to take some time.

You are going to be working with these people for several months, if not longer. You want to make sure that they are going to be available if you have questions or concerns.

Communication is also going to lay the foundation for the project to go smoothly. If they are struggling to communicate or listen, this could pose issues later on.

It can also be frustrating if you cannot get in touch with your contractor. You may need to reach out to them frequently, and they need to be available and easy to reach.

You want to have a good relationship with your contractors, and communication is a big part of this. It also makes the task of completing your project simpler and more enjoyable.

This is a part of customer service that you should expect. If they are unable to communicate or you can’t reach them, this is very poor customer service.

5. Pricing

A big part of your decision when choosing commercial general contractors is going to be pricing. You most likely have a budget for your project that you have to follow.

Every contractor is going to have their own set of prices. You are going to want to look through these to see what the best prices are and who fits your qualifications the best.

You don’t necessarily want to choose the cheapest option as this could be a bad idea. Contractors that are dirt cheap could mean that their quality of work is not very good.

Instead of just choosing the cheapest option, you want to compare prices. You may even be able to request a quote or estimate regarding your project.

This is a great way to compare prices to find out what contractors are the most affordable. Comparing prices as well as other key details to pick the best contractor for you.

6. License and Certifications

If you are looking for commercial general contractors in Denver, you need to look at their credentials. Contractors need to have certain licenses and certifications to legally do their job.

These should be easy to find so that you can do your research on this early on. Unlicensed contractors can be very dangerous and can put your project in jeopardy.

You should always check their licenses and certifications before proceeding with the contract. They should be upfront about this and able to share the information that you need.

In some instances, you can be held liable for working with an uncertified contractor. This is the last thing you want to happen, so you want to be diligent when looking into this.

7. Organization Skills

It goes without saying that general contractors need to be organized. If they are not organized, this can come across as highly unprofessional and concerning.

Your project may be large and detailed, and you want to feel like they are in control. If they are not organized, this is going to become apparent quite quickly.

A contractor that is not organized may not hit deadlines or achieve what they said they would. These are legitimate concerns, and you want to take organization into account when making your decision.

8. Meet Face to Face

It is very important that you meet potential commercial general contractors face-to-face. Communicating by phone and online is great and allows you to communicate easily.

That being said, meeting face-to-face is invaluable, and this is very important. You want to meet the contractor that is going to be in charge of your entire project.

This is going to allow you to get an understanding of who they are and what their values are. It also allows you to ask questions freely and communicate easily in person.

It is also a good idea to meet the entire team face-to-face. These are people that you will most likely be working closely with for a while, while you’re project is underway.

It is ideal if you can build relationships with these people and get along with them. Some personalities clash, and you want to choose contractors that you can get along with.

What to Look for In Commercial General Contractors

If you are looking for commercial general contractors in Denver, you may not know where to start. There are certain things that you should look for that will help you make your decision.

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