What is Land Development?

Simply put Land Development is the development of a parcel of land. Turning bare land into commercial, residential, industrial, etc. sites. When dealing with Land Development all elements of construction may be involved including; excavation, grading, paving, road infrastructure creation, building, permitting, etc. Land development involves purchasing land, deciding what it will be used for, what features the building should include, and obtaining permits and licenses, all before construction. At Hammers Construction, Inc., we are proud to offer both land-development services and land-development consulting for those looking to invest in real estate. We will inspect the land, provide a construction cost estimate, and will make sure the project will meet your needs, so you can have peace of mind when purchasing real estate.

Whether you are experienced in land development or completely new to the process it is a good idea to have specialists, that understand all facets of the Land Development process, in your corner. Each piece of land has unique features that may prove to be challenging to navigate. Hammers Construction can make that process easier. 

What are the benefits of Land Development Consultation with Hammers Construction? 

  • Services that can only be provided by experienced land developers
  • Understanding of local rules and regulations regarding land development
  • Cost-effective way to get cost estimates for construction and development
  • Help with design and construction


See more about our Land Development process here:

You may have noticed a few of our Land Development projects being featured as Project Throw Backs on our social media channels. 

Here are a few examples of our Land Development Projects: 


Twins Liquor is inside Briargate Crossing a Land Development project done by Hammers Construction. 


Apex Audiology is the main tenant in a medical Land Development project done by Hammers Construction.