Why Design-Build Construction Is Growing in Popularity

design-build construction in Colorado Springs

The construction sector is quickly warming up to going with the design-build method for projects. But what is it about design-build that makes it so appealing? Here are a few reasons this is one of the fastest-growing construction methods.

What Is Design-Build Construction?

A design-build approach involves only one entity working with a client on every aspect of the construction project. Everything from design to planning to execution is completed by one team working and communicating to ensure every element is considered and cohesive.

Design-build construction has technically been a method for decades, but it’s only somewhat recently become the go-to option. Many projects would have separate entities working together to complete the project. While this method has its benefits, the design-build tends to work better in most situations.

Improved Communication

Communication is crucial to the success of any project. Unfortunately, wires often get crossed during other project delivery methods. The appeal of design-build construction is that there’s no opportunity for miscommunication. The builders won’t ever be waiting on details from designers, and neither will you. It’s an exceedingly good way to keep everyone on the same page and the project moving steadily.

Faster Completion Times

Staying on pace is the only benefit of design-build construction. This method also makes everything faster. Because you aren’t waiting for individual elements to arrive or concepts to be approved, everyone finishes faster. The concept of time being money couldn’t be more true for construction projects, so any way you can move things along will also save on your bottom line.

Client Involvement

If you’ve ever wanted more oversight in a project, then the design-build route is for you. It’s an excellent way to ensure all your goals are being met. In fact, design-build construction contractors expect and invite client involvement, seeing it as a valuable part of the process.

However, they don’t necessarily need it, so you can involve yourself as much or as little as you like. It’s a major reason why this is one of the construction trends growing so fast. It gives the client more control over the end result while keeping them in the loop for decision-making and addressing any changes.

Greater Accountability

The unfortunate reality of projects is that something could go awry. Be it with budgeting or procuring building materials, there’s always a chance that something may slip through the cracks, costing you precious time and making everything more expensive.

While design-build methods don’t negate the chances of issues arising, they certainly make resolving them simpler. If the client is unhappy at any point in the process or would prefer to move the project in another direction, there’s no finger-pointing. The entity working on the build takes full responsibility and determines a solution for a better outcome.

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