Why Design-Build Construction Is the Ideal Approach for Commercial Projects

Design-build construction in Colorado

Design-build construction unites the design and building phases of a construction project under a single contract. For commercial projects, the design-build approach offers numerous advantages over a traditional one. Here are just some of the reasons why design-build construction offers an ideal solution for commercial projects.

Cost Savings

Looking to control the costs of commercial construction projects? Adopting a design-build approach will allow you to gain input from construction professionals during the design phases. These individuals can pinpoint cost-saving opportunities that can lower the total cost of the project.

Additionally, input from a construction team will reduce the number of changes and modifications during the construction phase. As a result, projects will be completed with greater efficiency, keeping costs down.

Faster Construction

A design-build construction approach will ensure that projects are completed according to the project schedule — or even before. That’s partly because a design-build approach unites the design and construction phases of a project, with no waiting period between each stage.

With no delays, building crews can accelerate project timelines and deliver results much more rapidly. Commercial customers will love it because faster project delivery allows them to start operations as early as possible and start generating revenue.

Greater Flexibility

During the construction phase, it’s not unusual for construction crews to have to make unforeseen changes and adjustments based on challenges or customer preferences. In a traditional construction approach, there can be significant delays as crews seek to make these accommodations.

In a design-build approach, changes can be made quickly since designers and building crews have direct communication with one another — and the client. Clients can, therefore, experience greater flexibility in the construction process, and construction companies can deliver greater customer satisfaction.

Quality Control

When design and build teams work separately (as in a traditional approach), there’s a greater chance of miscommunication, errors, or deviations from the client’s original expectations. The design-build process fixes that by keeping designers and builders working together.

An integrated team will share the responsibility of project completion, ensuring that the finished product fits all specifications. Designers and builders will be able to creatively collaborate while using industry best practices to improve the quality of each project.

Risk Management

One analysis reveals that most construction companies experience cost overrun, with an average overrun of 28%. By relying on a design-build team, clients reduce this and other risks. Because designers and builders share responsibilities, these teams are better able to respond quickly to setbacks and keep projects moving according to schedule.

As a result, clients enjoy greater peace of mind when completing large-scale projects. A design-build team will jointly manage risk, bringing greater customer satisfaction and avoiding project setbacks and delays.

Building Wealth Together

Partnering with a design-build construction company will provide end-to-end control over your entire project. Hammers Construction provides business owners with the expertise and experience to complete projects. We can help you build wealth in your business without compromising your budget. When you’re ready to discuss your next project, contact the team at Hammers Construction.

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