Progress Reports: April 5th, 2019

It’s April! Here is to a productive month ahead! We have lots going on during the month of April.

Tender Care Vet Clinic – Existing Building Add-On in Falcon, Colorado

We are adding on to Tender Care Vet Clinic that we build previously. This project is moving along nicely.

North Range Eye Care – Ground – Up in Commerce City, Colorado

North Range Eye Care is a ground-up in Commerce City, Colorado. We are in the final stages of the building process and hope to finish up soon!

Peak Gymnastics – Ground-Up Falcon, Colorado

Peak Gymnastics is moving along nicely. We are excited to have poured the first slab and finished the pits.

Gripstone – Ground-Up Colorado Springs, Colorado

Gripstone is a ground-up building in Colorado Springs. The foundation was poured this week and we are going to be cranking away at getting the rest of the building process going over the weekend and into the next week.

Apex Audiology – Medical Ground – Up Colorado Springs, Colorado

Apex Audiology is getting near the final stages of building. Interior work has started and work outside is ongoing.

Lot 3 – Ground-Up Colorado Springs, Colorado

Woodford – Ground-Up Colorado Springs, Colorado

We are happy to have handed over the building to the owners. Congrats! And thank you so much for working with us.

Than you all for your continued support of Hammers Construction!