PROGRESS REPORTS: August 14th, 2020


It is a very smokey day here in Colorado Springs. Pray for all of those affected by the current Colorado fires! Several of our mountain passes are closed and there are currently three fires burning in the state. Here at Hammers, we can normally see the mountains from our front office and that is not the case today. 

Please enjoy some photos from some of our progress made this week. First off we have some photos from our Mattress Firm job here in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

Next up is Skyway Plaza here in the springs as well. We are updating the facade of this building and think it is starting to look pretty good! 

There were some big booms at the Cliff Dwellings job down in Manitou this week. Check out this cool video!!

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Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic is coming along nicely. All of the rough mechanical is going in and things are moving forward. 

Ascent Cycle is coming along! Storefront windows have been installed this week and everything is starting inside. 

Phase One of PPHD is COMPLETE!

SHOCO Oil in Commerce City, Denver is underway. 

RS Storage is almost done! Asphalt has been poured this week and the fence is going up.


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Over 60 years ago, Steve and Dave Hammers’ father began a commercial construction company in Northern Minnesota. Steve and Dave are carrying on the family tradition and passion for design-build construction. In 1986, the business bearing the family name, expanded to the Rocky Mountains. In 1991, Hammers Construction, Inc. (HCI) became an independent entity in Colorado Springs, CO. Over the years, HCI has earned a reputation for honesty, integrity, and professionalism in the very unique design-build construction industry.

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