Retail Contractors

Stand out in the retail market.

Whether your retail building is for a small, local business or a national corporation, whether it is a shopping mall, a plaza, or an independent store, at Hammers Construction, Inc., we are here to meet your needs. We ensure your building reflects your company and provides a comfortable, pleasant experience for your customers. Our team has been proud to work with retail clients throughout Colorado Springs, Denver, and in all surrounding areas, building up local communities and improving quality of life.


  • We supervise the project so you can focus on your other responsibilities
  • Guaranteed high-quality general construction services
  • On-time project completion
  • Lower costs
  • Detailed cost analysis

Why choose us?

Our team facilitates communication between the designer, architect, subcontractors, and all those involved with your project, to make sure that the finished product will meet your and your business’s unique needs. By assessing the land topography and community, we will make sure your project will have the best possible location and will make sure the process proceeds smoothly so your store or complex can open on time.