Tenant Improvements

Helping your building meet your standards.

Looking to update, add, to or change your current building? A Tenant Improvement or Commercial Addition may be what you are looking for. Hammers Construction can help you expand your commercial building to fit more tenants or to accommodate a quickly growing business. If something in your building is not meeting your needs, we can help. At Hammers Construction, we want your business and our community to thrive. Our goal for our clients is to make sure that all parties are satisfied. No matter what interior change you are seeking, we will get the job done without disturbing your business during the process. We can complete all general construction aspects of a job, from creating a cost estimate, to getting the approvals and the financing you need, to gathering the right team of subcontractors to meet and exceed your expectations.


  • We make the necessary modifications while staying within the allowance
  • You can continue to run your business while we manage the project
  • We will obtain the needed licenses and permits
  • The job will stay within budget
  • Our design-build specialty allows us to meet your needs from start to finish
  • Avoid creating long-term structural issues for owner
  • We get the job done quickly and effectively
  • We meet the needs of the tenants and owner

Why choose us?

At Hammers Construction, we keep your project within your proposed budget. Our team will coordinate communication between the tenant and owner regarding the cost of the needed changes. We then will gather a team of trusted subcontractors that are best for your unique project and general construction needs. As a design-build company, we are able to understand and meet the challenges of the full scope of the project.