What Is a Design Build Project? A Comprehensive Guide

design build project

The market size for the commercial building construction industry was 231.7 billion in 2022. Commercial buildings are in high demand, and many owners are looking for better processes.

If you need a commercial building, you may be interested in a design-build project. This is an option where design-build contractors handle the project for you from start to finish.

Having a commercial building built is extremely time intensive. A lot goes into this project, and it can easily start to feel overwhelming.

Keep reading to find out what a design-build project is and what its benefits are.

Design Build Construction: What You Need to Know

You are probably wondering what a commercial design-build is. Design-build construction involves unifying the process of commercial construction.

You can hire a design-build company that will handle every aspect of the project. That company will design, plan, and build the entire structure for you.

This is the opposite of design bid build construction. That is a kind of construction that involves multiple contractors and contracts.

With a design-build project, there is less going on from different sources. This makes the process feel easier, saves money, and leaves less room for error.

How Is a Design-Build Project Different?

If you are a business owner, you may need a building at some point. This is quite common whether you need a physical location or a warehouse.

Design-build in Denver provides the best alternative to traditional construction. Traditional construction involves multiple parties doing different tasks.

You often have to oversee the project or hire someone to do that for you. It can easily become overwhelming as there are so many different factors to consider.

On the other hand, design-build construction is left to one company to oversee. These companies employ different professionals to handle all of the different tasks. If you have the dirt they can take it from there!

Everyone is on the same page and is working on the same team. This is why this is becoming a much more popular construction option for business owners.

Benefits of Design Build Services

During any kind of construction, there are a lot of things to consider. Before choosing a construction option, you want to weigh the pros and cons.

This will help you understand what option is more suitable for your situation. Here are some examples of the benefits when you choose a design-build project.

Lower Costs

A design-build project is a great option when you have a tight construction budget. The fees will often be smaller since you aren’t outsourcing different tasks.

The entire project’s handled by one company, so you have one entire fee. Usually, a single budget’s established that you can rely on.

This reduces the risk of the costs quickly getting out of hand. You will also save a great deal of time when it comes to finding an affordable option.

You won’t have to research companies and their quotes since everything’s handled in one place. It is also going to be easier to manage the budget with the construction company.

You only have to communicate with them to make sure everything is going as planned.

Faster Process

Any kind of construction project takes a great deal of time. So much goes into the project before construction even begins.

There are also instances where you may be on a time crunch. This can be very stressful when you are trying to organize a commercial building project.

When you go with a company like Hammers Construction this problem’s eliminated. Construction progress is faster since many steps are eliminated.

You only have to find and hire that single company. You also don’t have to communicate and manage different contracts before the project.

Working with one company also reduces the risks of delays. This can happen from a miscommunication when communicating with different professionals.

Reduced Risk

Traditional construction includes many teams working on their own. This is because you have hired different companies to manage aspects of the project.

A design-build project does not need all these different teams. Everyone is working on the same team and reports to the same people.

This reduces the risk for the commercial building project. Things like accidents, mistakes, and setbacks are much less likely to happen.

Everyone is on the same page and they’re held to the same standard. The company is also going to be held responsible for the entire project.

This motivates them to hire the best contractors and make sure they’re supervised. This is good news for you as a business owner, as it takes some stress off your shoulders.

It is also worth mentioning that there is less risk when making your decision. If you take the traditional route, you have to find and hire many different contractors.

This increases the risk of you hiring someone who is not going to do a good job. You could get scammed or have someone do a very poor job to save money.

Limited Administrative Needs

Speaking of stress, any kind of construction project is a bit stressful. This is especially true if you have never managed a construction project before.

As the person paying for the building, you are the administrator of the project. This puts a lot of weight on your shoulders if you feel that you need to oversee everything.

This is not the case with a design and build company. They handle most of the administrative burden, only coming to you when absolutely necessary.

Your contract is already created, and the company knows what to do. From there, they will manage their team and contractors to ensure everything is getting done.

This limits communicative needs so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

How Does a Design-Build Project Work?

As a business owner, you are probably unfamiliar with how the building process works. If you have never managed a commercial building project, you probably want to know what to expect.

The good news is that this is a relatively straightforward process. When using design-build services, there are just a few steps you have to keep track of.

Selecting the Team

When constructing a new building, construction is only the last part of the project. There are several steps beforehand that help to guarantee success.

The first step of a design-build project is selecting the team. You need to research companies in Denver that provide what you need.

It is a good idea to create a list of 3 to 5 different companies to sort through. Look into their experience, specialties, and rates.

It is also a good time to read online reviews to see what past clients thought. This can give you perspective on the kind of work that company does.

You should also check out each company’s website to find additional information. These websites should be professional and have the services listed.

Pre-Construction Work

When you have hired the design-build company, this begins the process. Now the two of you will work together to begin pre-construction.

This involves collaboration to figure out the design of the building. You can ask all of the technical questions, and the contractor will figure out what you are wanting.

This often involves contractors, designers, engineers, and architects. Along the way, other professionals will join the team and start adding to the project.

Construction Plans and Design

When the details are sorted out, the team will move on. The next phase is creating the project design with the floor plan.

This is where the project starts to take shape, and you get to see it. This is important since you can make changes before construction ever begins.

This can include:

  • Pre-construction planning
  • Construction plans and design
  • Engineering and structural design
  • Entitlements and permitting


When everything has been decided on, the team will get to work. Construction will begin, and you are not going to be needed for much.

As long as there are any issues, everything should go smoothly so that the building is constructed fast. The main contractor will keep in touch every step of the way.

Understanding the Basics of a Design-Build Project

If you need a commercial building built, you may not know what your options are. One of the best options is a design-to-build project with a design-build company.

This is where the entire project is managed by one company instead of multiple contractors. This has many benefits including less risk and lower costs.

You won’t have as much overseeing to do and communication’s simpler. The process is often faster as well since only one team’s working on the project.

At Hammers Construction, we bring more than 30 years of design-build construction to every job. When you choose our team, you’ll get:

·        A detailed cost analysis, making it easier to get a loan

·        A cost-efficient construction plan

·        High-quality craftsmanship

·        On-time project completion

Do you need to build a commercial building in the Denver area? Contact us today at Hammers Construction to get started.

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