What to Expect During a Colorado Design-Build Construction Project

Design-build construction companies will guide you through the commercial construction process from beginning to end.

Planning new construction for your business is no small task, but design-build contractors are the answer to the overwhelmed business owner’s worries. These professionals offer all the services you need for a successful build, saving you from working with multiple companies and juggling multiple facets of the project.

To ensure a positive working relationship with your design-build expert, come prepared by knowing what you can expect during your project and the construction design-build process.

The First Meeting Launches the Design-Build Construction Process

The first thing you’ll do is to meet with your building & design contractor. This meeting is to discuss the scope of the project, review your estimated budget, and go over some of the project’s design details.

Ahead of time, get familiar with the differences between residential and commercial constructions so you’ll have the proper context for your project. You may have had a hand in your own home’s construction, but design-build for commercial buildings requires an entirely different mindset.

Submitting and Reviewing the Plans for Your Commercial Building

The designer or architect will start working on your project at this point. They will draw up the final project plans and estimate the total costs, then review everything with you. This is the time to change the plans to keep your project within the budget or to change specific features.

While you will be able to make changes later, it’s better to make them during this step in the design-build construction process. Making changes later can raise costs since the changes may require using different materials or altering the construction process. It can also delay the project, setting your business plans behind and potentially costing more money in lost revenue.

Final Bid Submission Sets the Parameters for Your Design-Build Construction Project

This is the creative stage, allowing you to choose specific materials, colors, and other options. You’ll work with your architect, builder, and interior designer to choose options that appeal to you and fit your budget.

After you make these final decisions, the designer and builder will work together to calculate the final bid. You’ll need the bid to obtain financing and for your own future reference. Later, you’ll review the detailed final bid to ensure your custom build will have everything you chose for it.

It’s Time to Get the Funding and Permits

Your design-build team will wait for you to secure a commercial construction loan for your project. Having a pre-approval letter will help, but you’ll now have to finalize the loan. We can even help you create a detailed estimate and cost analysis for your lender, making it easier to secure your loan. You’ll need to show the final bid to your loan officer to proceed with the lending process.

After you get your loan, you’ll need the building permits to authorize your contractor to start work. While most design-build construction companies will get the permits for you, make sure to ask ahead of time. If you forget to secure the permits, you might derail your plans for building your commercial facility.

One More Meeting Before Construction Can Start

During the last meeting, you and your contractor will review the timeline and the project’s schedule. If you have any last questions about the construction process, this is the time to ask them.

We’ll Build Your Custom Commercial Facility

Hammers Construction has been building all types of commercial facilities and buildings for over five decades. We’ll help you design a building that suits your business. Begin your custom-build project when you meet with us for a consultation. Contact us today!

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