Why Business Owners Prefer Design-Build Construction Over Traditional Methods

Design-Build Construction in Colorado Springs

Determining the best way in which to manage your commercial construction project is crucial for its success, as your decision will ultimately affect the finished structure’s timeline, cost, and quality.

Traditional commercial construction services require that business owners hire an architect to design the project and then have contractors bid on the project. They then choose a contractor based on their budget and require the management of individual contracts.

In contrast, design-build companies provide business owners with streamlined communication and efficiency wrapped into a single contract, and they are often preferred over more traditional service providers these days.

Why Business Owners Are Choosing Design-Build Commercial Construction

Design-build construction simplifies project management and brings several other benefits to business owners remodeling or expanding their property.

The six most significant of these are as follows:

1. Work With Experts in the Design and Build Process

Design-build firms are made up of project managers and designers, all working together to achieve the best results. They maintain stable partnerships and work with dependable subcontractors while also verifying that any newly hired subcontractors are experts in their field who can handle the project at hand.

2. Continuity in Workflow

Following a design-build technique, a commercial construction project is handled by a single firm from beginning to end, thus creating a practical and efficient process. Schedules become more effectively planned because the contractor understands their team’s capabilities.

3. Teamwork

Unity is required for effective teamwork, and if a contractor and designer have different views on the project, they may not decide when or how to begin construction.

Using the design-build technique gives the contractor control over the design and building process, but the project owner is still encouraged to participate in all decisions. Whenever an issue arises, they work together with the contractors to develop a plan for resolving the problem without delaying construction.

4. More Accountability

When a single team is responsible for the project’s completion, more attention is given to every detail, which provides better results than traditional methods in which the contractor and designer are from separate firms.

The design-build technique also allows all aspects of the project to be accounted for early in the project, including the following:

  • Construction costs
  • Labor fees 
  • Landscaping allowances
  • Utilities
  • Miscellaneous fees

Establishing accountability helps the contractor provide a more accurate quote for the owner, who won’t get hit with additional costs deep into the project.

5. Faster Turnaround Times

Working with a design-build firm allows construction to be completed within a faster turnaround time. Having builders and designers from the same team facilitates faster decision-making and minimizes breakdowns in communication, as everyone on the team understands the goal and works together to achieve it.

6. Cost Savings

With just a single firm handling the project, additional professional fees are not accumulated for consultations, and along with faster turnaround times, business owners stand to save a substantial amount of money on the project.

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